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Live Music in Element West

Secret West has actually constantly been a hot area for live music. Live music pours out of almost every bar.

The music leans heavily towards a Jimmy Buffett, island-flavored sound, and you're sure to hear "Brown-Eyed Girl" at least ten times a night from ten different clubs. Exactly what makes the entire scene so enticing is that many of the clubs are open to the outdoors, and all this music makes a powerful gumbo of sound in the humid air as you stroll down the street.

Long earlier, prior to there was ever a road to Key West, most of the town was occupied by pirates, who assisted to 'salvage' goods from ships that were damaged on the reefs because somebody had actually switched the signal lights around. That hooligan spirit still lives in Key West, and it can be heard in the music of performers in the clubs and from street performers on almost every block.

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I personally got to experience healthy dosages of Key West music every April for 15 years, when I dipped into Sloppy Joe's with the duo Faust and Lewis.

We established our music and comedy act on that famous phase, and wrote gobs of amusing tunes about life in the islands. His original tunes are almost ideal, and inform fantastic stories about life in the islands, and about ship captains heading somewhere down south.

I also got to know Terry Cassidy, who still does afternoons at Sloppy Joe's. He includes a smooth, bluegrass feel to his island music, and his song "Hooked On the Easy Life" just about summarize the mindset of the residents.

Pete and Wayne currently manage the 5-9 shift at Sloppy's, and you can be sure they are continuing the "What Me Worry?" attitude down there, with their adult humor and tunes.

There are so lots of more artists that have actually made a real splash on the Key West scene. Ben Harrison, who with his better half Helen own Harrison Gallery, is also a distinguished singer-songwriter who puts on tiny operas about some of the colorful characters in Key West history, consisting of a man who kept his other half's body in his parlor for years after she died.

Everybody who have actually performed and written songs about Key West owe a significant debt to Shel Silverstein, who resided in Key West till his death numerous years back. Shel wrote many well-known songs, consisting of "The Unicorn Song," and "Cover of the Rolling Stone," in addition to countless acclaimed children's books, consisting of "Where the Sidewalk Ends." He generously gave of his time and talents to coach songwriters that made their way to Key West. I personally spent an afternoon at his house, and I understood I was really in the existence of greatness.

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